Understand yourself better. Change your business and personal-life so you become more satisfied and fulfilled than ever before.

Let’s partner together on a wide range of issues – Improve Emotional Intelligence, Deepen your Relationships, Develop the Mindset for Right Thinking, Right Feeling, Right Action.

Einstein said, “The problems we have cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them”

Work with a trusted advisor to reach your goals.  Take your skills from ordinary to extraordinarily effective!

Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive leadership coaching is a partnership where Enda is focused 100% on you to unlocks results that matter for enhanced performance, skills development and well-being.

We Partner together on a wide range of issues including:

  1. Defining your SMART goal and connecting the Motivation to achieve it.

  2. Overcoming Behaviour Habits that hold you back, hindering your performance.

  3. Learning Leadership Competencies.

  4. Increasing Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, Self-Belief.

  5. Developing your Vision and Focus for your Future.

  6. Managing Difficult Relationships.

  7. Understanding Conflict and Conflict Resolution.

  8. Dealing with thoughts and feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, stress and exhaustion.

Experiencing individual empowering coaching sessions gives a very powerful and immediate physical, mental and emotional boost to well-being that’s sustainable.

Together we facilitate the opportunity to clarify your vision, improve business practices, build on confidence and commitment to achieve personal and professional goals.

Working with Enda means she cares about your problems, impacts your decisions and resolves to find the solutions that work for you and your organization.

“I had been mulling over all this stuff for weeks/months and our coaching session gave me the impetus to take some action. I felt empowered.”

Performance Inhibitors:

StressDecreased Concentration
AnxietyReduced Job Satisfaction
FatigueLow Productivity
TirednessPoor Morale
Personality ClashesAnger/Frustration/Bullying

Benefits you can Expect

Values driven, SMART GoalsDaily Actions towards Achievement
Clarity of VisionFuture, Solution-focused Performance
Confidence to ChangeImproved Business Practices
Enhanced Decision MakingInnovative Thinking and Action
Open Communication CultureStaff Engagement and Empowerment
Increased Emotional IntelligenceDeeper Relationships

Mental Stress and Anxiety

If you don’t hire a Coach like Enda you can risk 

Being alone in your head on a range of issues including:

  • Negative Self-talk, “I can’t..”; “There is no positive solution”; “I don’t know what to do next?”

  • Feelings of failure or being stuck.

  • Not achieving your goals and potential.

  • Getting the same results because you will keep doing what you have always done.

  • Continued mental stress and anxiety for overthinking your problems.

Energy Assessment and Balancing

Executive leadership coaching will start off with a matching process to ensure a good relationship fit between Enda (the coach), you (the participant), and any other key stakeholders (the organization), if required.

During the pre coaching engagement, we co-create and work through a development plan, and address specific business and interpersonal challenges that may need to be overcome.

The outcome gives each person and the coaching relationship an energy connection that will align their focus and experience a space to unlock creativity, inviting innovative thinking and good feelings to flow.