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Does your Business Need A Performance Boost?

Every organisation has different challenges but what are the common signs that you may need a Performance boost or something different to happen?

The common signs are a level of dissatisfaction with where you are now, a feeling of being scattered, a sense that things could be better, if only…, being tired or frustrated by the repetition of what you are doing, thinking same routine or that you are caught in a hampster’s wheel going round in circles, feeling angry at the world or the same conversations.

Some of the physical symptoms that people may present with are a heavy weight on their shoulders, tension in their gut, legs are stuck or very heavy to move, fuzzy feeling in their head, can’t express their truth and don’t know where the symptoms are coming from or what they represent to them.

Many results are measured through bottom line achievement, product/market development and customer satisfaction. There is no definitive set of measures, it’s a personal choice. Organisation culture impacts “the way things are done” and where attention is focused. There are a number of factors that impact success including cross functional cooperation, working in a stimulated environment, nurtured customer service, processes, resources, deadlines, teamwork.

Human nature being what it is, many organisations experience power struggles and an element of finger pointing and cover your ass mentality that can limit productivity. How to address and overcome these behavioural traits can be challenging and requires a more thinking outside the box strategy. It is also important to lead by example and change the behaviour from the top down. Setting goals of building Trust, open communications, curiosity to what is going on here and confidence to challenge procedures that don’t work.

Adding a performance boost to your team can develop the responsive state required for everyone to become aware and focus on getting more of what they want from their work life. Setting team goal for 12 months from now, what achievement would everyone like to look back at and say yes “We accomplished these successes” “We are so glad we took that decision to invest or made that choice”.

It’s not about what happens to you as often things will happen that you have no control over, it’s about learning to adapt and use strategies that will help you to positively influence the difficult times and really enjoy the good times.

Taking action is the key. If you have something that you would like to move forward on or are a little curious about what your team could achieve with a performance boost decided to take 1 action today to create your future history now. Take the ELM KEY Performance Challenge and ask team mates to do the same to get a clear picture.

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