“As a Manager what I wanted was a strong commercial result with a tangible, quantifiable outcome for the Business as well as the People. In fact, we got so much more! A transformation of the workplace environment, increased levels of productivity and happy staff.”
E. O’Leary, Financial Services

What people say… 

“Enda had a very relaxed communication style which helped open up a good dialogue throughout our sessions. Her perspective and ideas on various topics were valuable in helping to set goals and understand the challenges to overcome to achieve them”

“I found Enda’s work a delight. Enda can so easily bring someone to a different level of thinking.”

“If you want to strengthen the bond in your team and build a higher level of trust, I would highly recommend contacting ELM KEY Consultancy.”

The change is measurable in terms of positivity, better interactions between staff and management. Linking the feedback from Staff we have aligned our Project Plans to the workplace needs which has us managing our resources more efficiently and thus creating a more evenly spread workload for Staff.” G. O’ Gorman, Insurance Services

“The staff all got something from each session and collectively the impact has been extremely beneficial for individual wellness with tools to overcome personal and professional stress and for personal transformation. Staff are very appreciative and thankful for this opportunity and this is reflected in their personal learning and attitude.” S. Mc Loughlin, IT Services

“Our workplace has adapted to a new way of working together which is evidenced in bottom line performance and results. I could not have imagined such an amazing outcome. I highly recommend your programme with its three areas of excellence to any commercial entity who wishes to align their Customer focus, Productivity and People.”  M. Lyng. Financial Services

What team members say:

  • “Thought provoking” “It made me look at how I deal with stress in a different way.”

  • “I found the day very worthwhile and beneficial and I am very glad I had the opportunity to participate”

  • “Brilliant”

  • “Very insightful and helpful for my working day”

  • “I have been using the advice I have received and would recommend the service” “Enlightening”

  • “Thanks for making a working day very ‘different’ in a very nice way!! Amazing! Very accurate and specific and really pinpointed and hit on things. This was very beneficial”

  • “The report is spot on, it seems like you have been working here for years, you articulated everything for us exactly how we are feeling.”

  • “I would highly recommend the day and feel very privileged to have been a part of it”

  • “I found the experience very good as it looked at our wellbeing from both a business and personal perspective. I was presented with some helpful tips on how to deal with certain situations. I definitely felt ‘lighter’ after the experience.”